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Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Thank You to District 197 Voters

Dear Friends and Families of District 197,

Election day has come and gone, and we are grateful for the way in which our community demonstrated strong support for our schools. Voter approval of a 10-year technology levy and a bond for security upgrades means we can move forward in our efforts to integrate technology across all schools in grades K-12 and create more secure learning environments.  We are disappointed a new stadium will not be on the Henry Sibley campus come September, but progress was made in bringing this idea to our community's attention, and I hope it will be revisited in the future.

There are many people to thank.  Our school board deserves credit for making the bold move to go out in November only months after a failed attempt in May.  It was the right decision.  We thank them for their efforts to educate and engage our public.  Thanks also go out to staff who took time to educate and inform parents and members of our community.  This was done in many ways, and every conversation made a difference.  Staff got behind the initiative and did their part!

We thank our community supporters, most notably the Levy for Learning committee who, independent of the school district, took up the challenge to get out the vote and help residents of District 197 see the vital need behind each question.  Get out the vote campaigns are not for the faint of heart.  They require massive amounts of time, stamina, and perseverance.  It takes talent and creativity to develop key messages that resonate with the public and know when to deliver them so as to make an impact. The Levy for Learning committee hit it right every time. We would not have achieved success without them.  Many, many members of our community were actively involved in a variety of efforts that created a tidal wave of action that left every inch of the district covered.  A special thank you to parents Nicole Paradise and Dave Schilling for serving as co-chairs of this committee.  Someone needed to take charge, and they did so with a winning attitude!

Last, I wish to thank Carrie Hilger, our Director of Communications, for leading the district information campaign with complete and utter dedication.  If you know Carrie you know the hours she devotes to her work and how seriously she approaches each and every task.  We could not have been in better hands.  Communications were outstanding and plentiful, and we stayed true to our mission to educate the public so they could be informed about our requests.

People have asked, "What's next?"  Watch for details in future posts that will tell you more about what you can expect in regard to technology integration and security.  For now, let's take a moment to celebrate and express to one another our thanks and appreciation for the way in which our community got behind its kids!

With gratitude,

Nancy Allen-Mastro
District 197    

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