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Friday, March 20, 2015

Scaling Up Digital Learning: EmPowerED

Dear Friends and Families of District 197,

Last fall our community approved a 10-year, $1.2M annual capital projects levy to fund technology integration in our schools.  Since then, staff have been working to put details together to prepare for scaling up 1:1 computing district wide over the next two years.  I am proud to say, they are doing a fabulous job. Recently we introduced to the school board and community a name for our initiative:

EmPowerED is not just a catchy way for us to refer to integrating technology.  It is much bigger than that.  Some thoughtful planning with stakeholders from across the district went into coming up with this logo, which signifies several key things:
  • E:  Learning will be electronic. 
  • Empower:  Digital learning will empower the student and empower the teacher to think in dramatically different ways about the teaching and learning process.
  • M:  Learning in a digital classroom is mobile. Anytime, anywhere learning will become the norm.  Four classroom walls will no longer confine creativity and imagination!
  • Power:  The "O" in Power is the power symbol on a device.  Technology needs power (electricity) to operate and learning with technology takes brainpower.  
  • ED:  Well, hopefully that goes without saying.  It's about education in a whole new dimension.
  • D:  The symbol within the D is the symbol signifying a connection to the Internet.
The word "empower" is also taken directly from the district's Mission statement, "...empower all students to achieve their personal goals and academic potential...".

A wealth of information regarding the initiative can be found on our district website.  Tips on tech support, parent resources, student resources, important web links, and videos of the presentations that were offered this week have been put together to make our roll out easy for families to understand.  You can expect this set of resources will continue to grow over time.

I am proud of our community for saying yes last November, and I am proud of the work staff is doing to ensure a smooth and well-planned transition.  Be sure to follow our work, and don't hesitate to let us know your questions.


Nancy Allen-Mastro

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